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Eat to Live
Live to Eat

In life we spend a lot of time deciding what we want to eat and there is a lot of tasty food to try. Think about this for a second: Are you living to eat? Or Are you eating to live? Food is good and sometimes we don't make the best choices for ourselves.

In my experience the top 3 reasons for not making good choices are:
We don't care.
We don't know.
We don't have time.

Some want to indulge and live for today not caring about tomorrow. This is fine short term but think about how many diseases and health conditions can be avoided by changing our diet. Is it time to change your way of thought?

Some don't know. Some people grew up in households where fast food was the only options. Some people can't cook or don't like to cook and would rather eat out daily. Some people were taught how to cook but have trouble creating healthy dishes or adjusting their recipes to accommodate healthy ingredients. Is it time to educate yourself on available food options and healthy cooking techniques?

We live in a busy world and time is valuable and important. Most of the time everything else in our lives are prioritized and our health is placed on the back burner. When we don't get to it and reflect or talk about it with others our response is "I don't have time." Is it time to prioritize your health?